Individual Coaching

Unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their growth

Personal Development

A bespoke training programme ideal for succession planning, those demonstrating potential & positively influencing others.

 These programmes are designed to address the key areas that impact on personal effectiveness, leadership qualities and outstanding people skills.

Designed to deliver significant benefits to the organisation and those attending, participants should expect to demonstrate tangible improvements in a wide variety of tasks. 

Leadership & Mentoring Programme


Become more familiar with personal behavioural effectiveness in influencing and leading others to achieve maximum results.

  • Pinpoint strengths and growth opportunities to develop the self–awareness and self–management skills required for leading others
  • Have a comprehensive understanding as a leader and what others need from your leadership
  • Understand your view of leadership behaviours versus what others see
  • Create an Action Plan to increase leadership and behavioural effectiveness
  • Build improved collaboration across levels and functions
  • Explore the influence your management style has on how you manage time, make decisions, and approach problems
  • Tools for working effectively together with leaders

Discover NLP

NLP Simply it’s the exploration of how we think, communicate & act, so we’re able to model, improve and replicate great performance.

This 60 minute session introduces key NLP tools & will have you using 1 or 2 to get the results you want by the end of this fun interactive session.

Topics include:

  • Managing how you think
  • The language you use is EVERYTHING
  • How to get more of what you want
  • Modelling excellence
  • The power of the mind
  • Building rapport especially with those LEAST like us!

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