Student Psychometric Behavioural Change

Parents and teachers who understand their children’s style possess a magic key!
To see things through your child’s eyes…

Reaching a child’s heart and mind is a critical part of every effective parent and teacher, our goal is to point you in the right direction and give you confidence that you make THE difference in how your child relates to others, learns, understands who they are and can communicate their needs whilst acknowledging the needs of others.

For a young person to have high emotional intelligence gives many valuable advantages in life.
When we consider understanding our personal strengths and where we may be challenged, to understand better how others view the world and to communicate easily and clearly these are skills that stay with us throughout our lifetime.

How wonderful if we could develop these in our teens, to then use this knowledge in our education and in the wider world of work, I can think of no skill set more highly prized in today’s world.

You will receive a 58 page personalised DiSC® profile report which is easy to understand and implement. This report has everything you and your child need to identify their unique strengths, potential challenges and ideal communication styles. 

The vocational aspect of this report is great for teens trying to figure out their strengths and how to leverage them for a future career.

The Key Focus Areas:

  • Understanding our motivational needs
  • Strengthening communication styles particularly with those who are different to us
  • Setting goals
  • Recognising different learning & thinking styles
  • Understanding our unique strengths and those areas where we may feel challenged
  • How to communicate effectively
  • Identifying effective leadership qualities
  • Raised awareness of how we view the world & how others may differ
  • How to have our needs met more often

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